SEM Service

I. SEM Services:

1) Keyword Research and Selection

    No matter if you have already commenced the Google Adwords campaign or not, we conduct considerate keywords analysis to identify a large number of keywords which most appropriately match with your business & products.

2) PPC Campaign Management

    We pay great attention to the management of the entire PPC campaign process, including text ads writing, PPC account setting, bid & keyword management, monthly analysis & reporting, etc. All these works are done for ensuring that you are receiving a positive return on your investment (ROI).

3) Delicate PPC Optimization

    Campaign improvements of all PPC aspects will be constantly carried on during our service time. Applying new changes into ad variations and proper adjustments on keyword bidding helps to achieve peak performance for your PPC account.

II. SEM Specialties:

  • We provide highly-effective SEM services of low cost specially for small & emerging enterprises, enabling them to be competitive in occupying top search engine positions;
  • Your PPC advertising campaign allows Geo-targeting setup as you desire, covering regions not only in all States of USA, but also in Asia countries like China and Japan;
  • You can assign the adjustable budget for the PPC campaign at your wish. No matter how much the budget would be, its value is promised by us to gain a max incarnation;
  • The PPC campaign gets into effect immediately after advertisement submission. Moreover, the feedback of PPC might come soon as a little surprise to you;
  • The traffic flowing to your website is guaranteed to be more relevant and authentic, which significantly enhances the efficiency of your PPC advertising;
  • We follow a consistent reporting mechanism, trying our best to inform you about the latest performance of the keywords and each item of your expenditure.