Operation Flow

Set up Advertising Groups

Set up a few well-structured ad groups according to the same nature or similar feature of keywords. The wise classification of advertising helps to improve ranking and save costs.
Keywords Research Selection
1 Ponder over relevant keywords that your potential customers might use for searching, and research some alternative or similar ones. Make a careful selection from them to ensure that most appropriate keywords are employed, neither incomprehensive nor abused.
Ad Copy Development
1 Write customized and intriguing ad copy by applying the main keywords in the title and other relevant ones in the body, which maximizes the promotion effect of your products or services. Different ad copy is designed for each ad group.
Advertisement Submission
1 Submit the selected keywords and unique text creations for approval by the Google Adwords campaign system.
Account Settings

● Region Target-- Select your oriented countries or regions for advertising
● 24x7 Scheduling-- Set the time of turning on/off the keywords for largest profit
● Budget-- Fix the month/week/daily maximum spending
● Landing Page-- Identify and recommend the best destination, guiding your visitors to a specific landing page so that higher conversion rate will be achieved
● Bidding Rule—Apply multiple bidding rules for keywords in each ad group

PPC Management

● Bid Management—Bid gap monitoring, bid price changes and bid position maintenance on daily basis are done for keeping lower CPC without compromising your ad position.
● Keywords Management:
-- Create lists of negative keywords to cut down junk clicks in a large margin
-- Restrict the number of general keywords to avoid the overage of budget
-- Prevent and control fraud clicks in real time to protect your benefits as far as possible

Campaign Analysis
1 Do thorough analysis on individual keyword costs, conversions, and performance trends, evaluating performing/non-performing keywords so that better modifications can be made to your PPC campaign management.
Campaign Optimization

● Keyword list improvement-- Delete non-performing keywords, add more performing ones
● Testing and application of new copy creations (title and descriptions)
● Multiple adjustments for bidding rule

Ranking Report

We make periodic review and analysis of your account performance, and provide a detailed monthly report by email.