R&D Outsourcing of Communication Chips

  Shanghai Cystar and its partners are rich experienced and have strong technological capability in design, R&D, and production of communication chips.
  The chip R&D team has proficiency in 3G/4G wireless broadband communication theory as well as the core technology. It has successfully realized the wireless high-speed broadband data transmission and developed the prototype of WiMax/LTE in the process of innovative research. What’s more, it obtained a major special support of state in the field of 4G mobile communication technology. For the moment, the team led by Dr. Li Hong is carrying on the R&D of radio-frequency simulation system, the prototype of digital baseband receiver, and the production of terminal chips which are expected to go through the tape-out in 2010.

Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights

  • WiMAX/LTE dual-mode prototype platform and chips(65nm)
  • High-performance multi-antenna wireless transmission technology
  • New-generation chip architecture of antenna communication system
  • High-performance & low-cost multi-FPGA signal processing system
  • Fast synchronization of communication system
  • Pilot design of communication system

Technical Advantages

  • Skilled at 3G/4G wireless broadband communication theory and core technology
  • Innovative technologies: MIMO, joint optimization of PHY/MAC, interference elimination, fast synchronization, channel estimation, low power consumption, SOC architecture
  • Equipped with full set of ASIC design tools and communication test devices
  • Formed a high-level R&D group of nearly 50 members
  • Established partnership with MAXIM and Intel, two famous chip suppliers of U.S.
  • Established R&D cooperative relationship with renowned universities in China, such as Beijing University, Xian Jiaotong University, etc.

Market Advantages

  • Business mode: Provide services of chip design, encapsulation, interface, customization, and application according to customer and market needs
  • Provide customers with 4G terminal products and solutions of low cost by taking advantage of our technical strength together with the low labor cost in China
  • Develop communication products and solutions which fit the Chinese market better for customers with our advantage on geography and culture
  • Keep close cooperative relationship with China’s universities, government, enterprises and major telecom equipment suppliers (ZTE Corporation, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., etc.)

R&D Team

  Nearly 50 members: 5 come from Silicon Valley, U.S., and over 40 are from China.
  25% with doctor’s degree; 63% with master’s degree; 12% with bachelor’s degree.

  Major Technicians:

  • Dr. Li Hong, Team Leader
  • -- Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Purdue University, U.S.
    -- Once served as advanced researcher in Bell Laboratory (U.S.) and Motorola, Inc.
    -- Once served as R&D director in several corporations of U.S., taking responsibility for the R&D of various communication chips.
    -- Proficient in 3G/4G wireless broadband communication theory and core technology, and obtained a major special support of state in the field of 4G mobile communication technology.

  • Dr. Tang, Director of Communication System
  • -- Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, University of California, U.S.
    -- Advanced researcher, U.S. Intel Lab.
    -- Lead the development of wireless communication system algorithm

  • Dr. Zhao, Director of Communication Software
  • -- Ph.D., a notable university in U.S.
    -- Advanced researcher, Intel Corporation (U.S.)
    -- Lead the development of MAC protocol of wireless communication system

  • Dr. Wei, Director of Communication Chips
  • -- Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Beijing University
    -- Serving as R&D director in several chip corporations of Silicon Valley
    -- Lead the development of wireless communication system chips