The project of Estonia Pavilion, Shanghai Expo 2010 ended with success

    By the end of October, with the closing of Shanghai Expo 2010, Shanghai Cystar's visitor counting project for Estonia Pavilion also achieved a great success. During the service period of 157 days in all, Cystar's VCS (Visitor Counting System) product kept constantly stable running, and coped well with the high-density visitors of more than 15,000 on average per day as well as the complicated environments. The product guaranteed the accuracy above 90%, and provided the visitors flow information and reports to our foreign client in a timely and precise way, so it won appreciative comments from the foreign client.

    For the moment, CCI Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., the partner of this project has also sent a summary report to our company, which spoke highly of our VCS product and technical service work. In the meantime, they also expressed their hope to make further and deeper cooperation with Cystar by opportunity of this project.