Cystar's High-Accuracy VCS underwent the onsite test in Shanghai Museum

    During the period from Sep. 14, 2010 to Oct. 22, 2010, Shanghai Cystar conducted an onsite test in Shanghai Museum for its newly researched and developed VCS (Visitor Counting System) of high accuracy. The test system was applied in several galleries: Gallery of Chinese Ancient Bronze, Gallery of Chinese Ancient Sculpture, the First Temporary Gallery, etc. It overcame a lot of negative factors e.g. dim light, complicated environments, crowded visitors on holidays, etc. and ultimately achieved our expected goal. Meanwhile, we discovered some deficiencies and problems in the test, but after modification and refinement, the system got further improved. In the final evaluation test, the average counting accuracy of our system reached 98%, enormously exceeding the accuracy of all other similar products in China and abroad that were tested in the same period. The system proved itself to reach the top level worldwide and was highly appreciated by the museum client.

    During the whole testing period, we also received great supports and assistance by Shanghai ZhongYuan Electron & Engineering Co., Ltd., and we would like to express our sincere gratitude hereby.

    Cystar's High-Accuracy VCS adopts unique visitor counting algorithms of video analysis that were researched and developed independently by ourself. This product was specially developed for varieties of customers who have special application environments and demand high counting accuracy, for example, various museums, conference centers, exhibition halls, etc.