Centralized High-Accuracy Visitor Counting Solution

>> Applications

    Applied in places where the counting points are comparatively centralized, e.g. museums, exhibitions, shopping malls, office buildings, public areas, etc.

>> Features

  • Higher realtime performance and higher accuracy of the counting result;
  • Centralized processing and management of the counting nodes reduces the deployment & maintenance cost;
  • The background system is under centralized management, and easy to be integrated with other application systems of clients;

>>System Structure

  • Digital Video Server (DVS)
    Convert analog camera video into network digital video
  • Visitor Counting Node
    The visitor counting can be conducted for at most 8 entrances/exits simultaneously by adopting the high-performance PC server, installing and running Cystar's high-accuracy visitor counting module
  • Data Collection Server
    Collect the counting data of all visitor counting nodes, and save them to the database
  • System Management Platform
    • As the management center of the whole system, it provides functions of system management & control, data analysis & statistics, and reports.
    • The good-looking and easy-to-use web interface allows users to remote login
  • Bulletin Board & Workstation
    Display the realtime visitor counting information and the current number of persons in each area on the big screen bulletin board, and give the warning of crowds
  • Network
    Apply LAN, gigabit network and devices