Distributed Visitor Counting Solution

>> Applications

    Applied in commercial & service industries by chain operation, including the places like chain stores, exclusive shops, Telecom business halls, etc.

>> Features

  • Apply public networks (such as Internet) to reduce the deployment & operation cost
  • The system bears strong scalability, being easy to extend
  • Adopt the unique data transmission protocol & mechanism to guarantee the secure, reliable data transmission on the public networks. Technologies of data encryption and data resending after the network fault recovery are adopted between store nodes and the system management platform.

>> System Structure

  • Digital Video Server(DVS)
    Convert analog camera video into network digital video

  • Visitor Counting Node
    • The visitor counting can be conducted for at most 2 to 4 entrances/exits simultaneously by adopting the high-performance PC, installing and running Cystar's visitor counting module
    • Provide the functions of visitor counting analysis, statistics, and reports for each single store
  • System Management Platform
    • As the management center of the whole system, it provides functions of system management & control, data analysis & statistics, and reports.
    • The good-looking and easy-to-use web interface allows users to remote login
  • Network
    • Apply LAN in stores, connect the stores with the system management platform through Internet, and gather the data to the platform safely and reliably
    • The management workstation remote logs in the system management platform through Internet, and then manage the system, download or print the reports