About Cystar

About Us

  Shanghai Cystar Software Co., Ltd. is a high-tech software company which specializes in the development and sales of computer software, network system software and image recognition software, providing relative solutions, technical consulting and technical services. The company was formally founded in March 2003, and headquartered in Shanghai. It keeps good partnership with a lot of large-scaled enterprises in U.S. and Japan, meanwhile, the business in these two countries is developing in a fairly stable way.

  We have sustaining collaborative research projects with first-class universities in China such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fudan University and Zhejiang University, and provide top-level R&D outsourcing services for large foreign enterprises in the field of image recognition, networks, and computer.

  Our company also conducts the conversion of cooperative research results for customers. The remote intelligent video surveillance system collaboratively researched by a Japanese enterprise and Shanghai Jiaotong University will be an example. Cystar not only provided integrative technical services like product design, system integration, and system testing for both sides all the way, but also took charge of the product selling and promotion business. We help partners to realize the commercial conversion of their innovation and technological achievements so as to provide more advanced and better security products and relevant services for our customers.

Our Mission

  Work hard to grasp the real needs of customers, providing valuable software products and solutions for them with our intellectual skills, innovative spirit, and professional attitude, and also on the basis of our strong technical strength and rich industry experience, so that we can make contributions to the promotion of digitalization, networking, and informationization of the society. The mode of “Software product developer + Network + Customer” proposed by us really breaks the limits of time and space, and we will provide software products and services of superior quality & convenience, which are always at the forefront of science and technology for our customers anywhere and anytime.

Business Goal

  Design, produce, develop and sell the fire-new software products & services related to computer, mobile communication, and network systems by following the development trend of “digitalization, networking, and informationization”. Establish our own brand by means of “technical strength + coordination skills”, and win the public reliance with favorable after-sale service in today's fiercely competitive IT industry.