Application Cases of VCS

Case 1: Estonia Pavilion, Shanghai Expo 2010

    Shanghai Cystar's VCS was successfully applied to Estonia Pavilion of Shanghai Expo 2010.

    During the whole period of EXPO (May to October, 2010), the system which adopts the common counting module ran in a stable and reliable way. It overcame the bad influences caused by huge numbers of visitors and varieties of negative factors on the site, provided the timely, precise visitor counting information and the report service for the foreign client, and ensured the accuracy of daily counting to be more than 90%, which consequently received high comments from the foreign client.


Case 2: A Large-scaled Museum in Shanghai

    Shanghai Cystar was honored to provide the High-Accuracy VCS and solution to a large-scaled museum in Shanghai for evaluation and trial. We provided the services, namely the realtime monitoring of visitor counting, the big screen boards for showing current number of visitors, crowds alarming, various statistics & analysis reports, etc. for all the galleries in this museum.

    For this project, we improved the core video analysis algorithm of visitor counting, successfully developed a new type of high-accuracy visitor counting module, and overcame the bad influences caused by the negative factors, e.g. internal light of the museum (dim light, big contrast between inside and outside, etc.), ground materials (floor board, floor tile, carpet, etc.), environments (complicated visitor flows), etc. Therefore, the accuracy of visitor counting reached over 98% which satisfied all strict requirements of the client. Through the final evaluation test conducted by the client, it proved that the high accuracy of Cystar's VCS obviously surpasses other similar products in China and has already reached the leading level nationwide.