Functions of IVS System

Functions of Intelligent Video Surveillance

Detect the moving face images and select the optimal result to output and save.
Detect and give alarm to the intrusion behavior in the preset region or perimeter.


Intruding Status
If there are any persons detected staying or hovering at the monitored region which prohibits staying for a long time, the alarm will be given instantly.

Alarm of Hovering
Restrict the access into exhibit areas in order to protect the important articles from being approached or damaged. Once this behavior gets detected, the alarm will be given instantly.

Violating Status
Be able to identify the tailing events at the gate of entrance guard or other suspected similar actions, detecting them and giving the alarm.

Tailing Scene
Give the alarm when detecting out the unknown objects or abandoned articles in the monitoring region.


Alarming Status
Be able to detect and reckon the current number of indoor persons in real time.

Indoor Reckoning
Discover the abnormal status of camera image in time, e.g. lens sheltering, camera moving, rotation, damage, etc., and give the pre-alarm.

Abnormal Status


Functions of System Management

  • Data Management
    Store all data including videos in a centralized way. The digitalized storage mode facilitates the data management work, and meanwhile provides the retrieval for data of videos, images, alarming information, etc.

  • Permission Management
    Set different permissions for different sectors and users so that they can perform the permission respectively without interference

  • Surveillance Function
    Display the images of all surveillance points through network in real time

  • Diagnosis Function
    Monitor and manage the running condition of the system's key devices, including cameras, intelligent detection nodes, servers, etc.

  • Control Function
    Control the cameras and the intelligent detection nodes at all surveillance points, revise the running parameters, and adjust the running status

  • Alarm Management
    Send the alarm information generated in the intelligent video surveillance to the alarm system and the management personnel in time, and link with the customer's existing alarm system through the standard interfaces