Application Cases of IVS System

Case 1: Surveillance Solution for a Processing Factory

    The factory is located in a remote area of Lingang New City, Pudong New Area of Shanghai. Due to its incomplete security facilities, e.g. the low bounding walls, un-installation of the electronic fence, limited coverage of the surveillance system, etc., the whole factory was in terrible security condition.

    Shanghai Cystar customized a specific solution by combining traditional surveillance with intelligent video analysis for the company. We made the important sites which were previously uncovered by the original surveillance system included in the surveillance scope, and meanwhile applied intelligent video surveillance functions to some key surveillance points, including the functions of intrusion detection, hovering detection, detection of image sudden change, etc. It not only helped to solve the security problems, but also provided the intelligent auto-alarming function, which greatly enhanced the company's level of security. In addition, we adopted the domestic surveillance devices of high performance and worked on the system's integration with the customer's original system and devices for reducing their investment and cost, which received high comments from them.

Case 2: Security in School


    Shanghai Cystar provided the IVS solution of "Security in School" for a city's Education Bureau in China. It was focused on part of the primary schools, middle schools, and kindergartens in this city.

    Owing to the bad social security situation at present, it becomes necessary to install surveillance systems in primary, middle schools, kindergartens for guaranteeing children's security. While, the traditional video surveillance only monitors the images but cannot give the alarm automatically for precaution and it will cost a lot of time to query and retrieve the videos afterwards. However, all these problems can be well resolved if we integrate Cystar's IVS product into the surveillance system.

    By analyzing the application situation in primary, middle schools and kindergartens, we customized an IVS solution called "Security in School" for them. On the basis of network cameras and all-IP network, we applied the functions of Face Detection, Intrusion Detection, Hovering Detection, etc., which conducted surveillance and protection for the important areas e.g. school gates, bounding walls, entrances of the teaching buildings, corridors, dormitories, etc. Whenever suspicious persons are detected to intrude or linger at those areas, the system will give the alarm. Moreover, the system can automatically save the images which trigger the alarm as well as some related information. As for the users, they can retrieve and query all the alarm records and information through the system management platform.

    Furthermore, the alarm information can be connected to the alarm host or other alarm devices through the standard interfaces, realizing integration with the customer's alarm system. The alarm signals can even be transmitted to 110 center or other places that provide corresponding aids.