Application Case of Anti-tailing AB-Door

Case: BPO Office of TongHua Technology (Shanghai Branch)


    The product of Anti-tailing AB-Door is now under test use in BPO office of TongHua Technology (Shanghai Branch). It has been running stably and reliably for months there, and its anti-tailing detection accuracy has been proved to reach 98% above, which can absolutely meet the demand of high security.

    The BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) office of TongHua Technology specializes in providing service outsourcing for their Japanese customers. The office was required to be constructed according to the standards of their Japanese customers, so the high security is extremely demanded. In July, 2010, one of the customers made an inspection for the BPO office and our Anti-tailing AB-Door product. The inspection result successfully met the customer's requirements and got many appreciative comments.

Operation Process:
    When a person enters door A through identity authentication and gets into the region monitored by AB-Door anti-tailing detector, the system won't open door B and will trigger the alarm device when detecting out the passing of more than one person. Only when the system detects that only one person is passing and he/she has closed door A, it then opens door B.