Cases of Intelligent Video Analysis R&D Service

Case 1: Automobile Exhaust Detection

    In 2009, Shanghai Cystar collaborated with the Environmental Protection Administration of a city in China, and developed a video-based automobile exhaust (black smoke) detection device for them. We researched and developed an algorithm specially for automobile exhaust (black smoke) detection, which overcame part of the negative effects caused by weather and light, achieving the accuracy to be 85% above, and thus received appreciative comments from the customer. The device needs to be placed above the detection region, and each set of device calls for two cameras to work in coordination so that it can monitor the automobile exhaust emission on a driveway of the road below. Besides, the device can transmit back the detected data to the control center through network for query and processing by the management personnel.


Case 2: Detection of Fuel Tanker's Gas Cap Position

    From 2009 to 2010, Shanghai Cystar researched and developed a video-based device for precise detection of fuel tanker's gas cap position for a large-scaled tank farm in China. When the fuel tanker enters the refueling area of the tank farm, the device can automatically detect the position of the gas cap on top of the fuel tanker and guide the fuel tanker to stop in the right place. After that, the device will make accurate positioning of the gas cap and then direct the refueling equipment to conduct the operations of automatic refueling. By adopting the collaborative work of high-definition camera and depth camera, the device can not only achieve the position detection accuracy of 1cm, but also be able to identify and detect the gas cap position of various fuel tankers.