Data Transmission System for Distributed VCS was successfully developed

     After more than 3 months of development and testing, Shanghai Cystar’s Data Transmission System and Program for distributed VCS (Visitor Counting System) was successfully achieved.

    The data transmission system will be mainly applied in the application environments of distributed VCS, especially those chain businesses and enterprises with multi-branches and multi-stores. It can transmit the visitor counting data of branches and stores throughout the country to the system management platform of headquarter safely and reliably via low-cost Internet connection, conducting instant analysis and statistics for the visitors flow in all branches and stores.

    The data transmission system employs advanced technologies of data collection, transmission encryption, and disconnected data retransmission, ensuring that the customers can use low-bandwidth, low-cost Internet lines, and realizing the data transmission of high security and high reliability. Meanwhile, the system guarantees instantaneity and timeliness of data whose shortest refresh time could be 5 seconds, which is capable of meeting the needs of various clients.