Cystar and TongHua Technology cooperated to develop AB-Door product

    Shanghai Cystar and TongHua Technology (Dalian) reached a cooperation agreement to develop Anti-tailing AB-Door of high security together. During the cooperation, Cystar mainly took charge of the development of video-based AB-Door anti-tailing detector which aims to instantly detect the event that two or more people have entered AB doors region, then give out the alarm and inform the AB-Door control system to take appropriate measures.

    After nearly 4 months of research and testing, Cystar finally reached the client’s requirements for high performance and high accuracy (accuracy achieves to be 98%, judge time≤2 seconds) due to its solid skills and abundant experience in the field of video analysis and intelligent detection. By combining the advanced finger vein authentication and AB-Door control technology supported by TongHua Technology, we are now able to provide high-performance and high-security anti-tailing AB-Door for varieties of clients.

    At present, the sample of Anti-tailing AB-Door is under test run at BPO (Business Processing Office) in Shanghai Branch of TongHua Technology, which has achieved good results and won the approval of their Japanese clients. We two sides will continue to work closely to resolve any problems occur in the test run in a timely manner so as to introduce mature AB-Door product to the market soon.

    Anti-tailing AB-Door is one kind of high-end product in the high security access control system, which is widely demanded in the high-end application fields of finance, security, etc. Thus, its market prospect is unlimitedly broad.