IVS System successfully got through the inspection and acceptance

    The inspection and acceptance conference of the project of IVS (Intelligent Video Surveillance) System was held at Shanghai Key Laboratory of Computer Software Testing and Evaluating, Shanghai Development Center of Computer Software Technology. The people attending the conference included Satoshi Ishibashi (Head of Cyber Space Institute, a famous communication enterprise in Japan), Will. Mori (CEO of Data Indexing, Inc.), Prof. Liu Yuncai (Distinguished Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University), Huang Yi (Head of Shanghai Development Center of Computer Software Technology), Cai Lizhi (Director of Shanghai Key Laboratory of Computer Software Testing and Evaluating), Li Weimin (Director of Technology Department of Beijing NTT DATA System Integration Co., Ltd.) and others. It marked the two-year development and commercialization project of IVS System had successfully entered the final phase.

    The project of IVS System was consigned to Cystar and Shanghai Jiaotong University by a famous communication enterprise in Japan, with the construction target to provide intelligent monitoring service for the video surveillance of Shanghai World Expo 2010 pavilions. The system is composed of 4 subsystems, namely Event Processing System & Event Processing Module (EPS & EPM), System Management Platform, Data Collection Server (DCS), and Alarm Server (AS).

    The event processing function modules consist of 8 modules: Face Detection, Intrusion Detection , Anti-tailing, Forbidden Region Protection, Unknown Object Detection, Detection of Image Sudden Change, Visitor Counting and Person Reckoning, which can be respectively applied in the video surveillance and processing of different scenes. These modules are the core portion of the whole system's intelligent functions. This part was developed by cooperating with Shanghai Jiaotong University, which adopts most advanced computer video image processing and network video streaming technologies. With the selection of optimal algorithm of high accuracy and fast detection speed by trail and error, the intelligent detection effect had reached or even surpassed the requirements by the Japanese client, which earned itself high appreciation accordingly.

    The software development of IVS System was entirely conducted in accordance with the commercialization standard. In the developing process, we made in-depth cooperation with Beijing NTT DATA, and hereby we express our sincere gratitude for their substantial supports and aids.

    As for the test of IVS System, we invited the most authoritative software testing organization in China---Shanghai Key Laboratory of Computer Software Test and Evaluating to conduct test according to the strictest standard nationwide. The testing contents include Unit Test (UT), Function Test (ST1), Integration Test and Performance Test (ST2 & RT). The test team of Cystar and Testing & Evaluating Laboratory worked overtime, testing repeatedly, positioning performance bottleneck, detecting and feeding back system bugs in time, which guaranteed the smooth underway of the system testing. The number of completed test cases and test density exceeded the number required by the Japanese client by over 20% for which it won their genuine commendation.

    On this inspection and acceptance conference, the experts of the Japanese side spoke highly of the favorable testing environment and satisfactory working results provided by Cystar, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Shanghai Key Laboratory of Computer Software Testing and Evaluating. The successful pass of the inspection and acceptance marked that the commercialization of Cystar's IVS System had become a success, and also laid a solid technical foundation for the promotion, application and marketization of its products in the future.